Our mission is to eradicate the stigma of mental health in the black community. Our vision is to advocate for mental health through education and resources for overall mental health equality.

Farida  E. Boyer, LMFT


Jaynay C. Johnson, MFT


The Black Brain Campaign was founded in 2016 by Farida E. Boyer and Jaynay C. Johnson. Both of whom are marriage and family therapists in the Philadelphia area. Farida and Jaynay both have a passion for helping others via therapy and know people of color don't historically receive the proper mental health treatment due to the stigma attached to mental health and therapy. The duo connected and created a vision to promote and teach the community about minority mental health.

The Black Brain Campaign helps the community learn more about mental health and advocates to make sure treatment is culturally humble. Since its start, BBC has hosted or have been partners for over 40 events. They are currently providing free therapy to high school students and assist black clinicians in completing licensing requirements. 



“The Black Brain Campaign is an incredible collaboration that breaks the stigma of mental health. Many times it is easy to discuss illnesses like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure. However, it is still challenging for people of color to talk about depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.


The mission of the Black Brain Campaign is to break down the walls and demystify emotional wellness. Through their leadership, m constituents participated in an intimate yet impactful conversation last year. I look forward to staying connected and working with them in the future.”

State Representative Joanna McClinton

191st Legislative District of Pennsylvania

“According to the US Census, in 2010, African Americans are incarcerated five times more than other ethnic groups. In Pennsylvania 8.9 % of African Americans we incarcerated due to mental illness.


I applaud the Black Brain Campaign and their commitment to helping the black community learn more about the overlooked and often stigmatized issue of mental health. The impact they are making will have a ripple effect far beyond treatment, but helps individuals build a better future for themselves by receiving proper, culturally competent treatment.

State Representative Morgan Cephas

192nd Legislative District of Pennsylvania


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