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BBC is a social welfare non-profit organization comprised of clinicians who hold advanced degrees in the fields of counseling, psychology, and social work. Our members have a multitude of experience that provides mental health treatment which includes: Art Therapy, Play Therapy, Anger Management, D&A services, Marriage & Family Therapy, School Psychology, and more. 


Our members provide the highest level of treatment to individuals, couples, families, and groups throughout the City of Philadelphia and surrounding counties. In addition to our individual work, we work as a team to advocate and eradicate the stigma against mental health across the city of Philadelphia.


Networking opportunities

Platform to blog about expertise

Access to Clinician’s conversation around public policy

 Member specific meet ups

Placement in our directory

Enrollment in the education fund

Free supervision group

Opportunity to present workshops, host training's, and more...

Your membership will be active from payment date through 12/31/2019. 

The membership coordinator is Mary May and she be reached here. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to her. 

After you submit payment and send your completed application, Mary will be in touch to welcome you to our organization

Welcome to the organization! 


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